$8 Daily

$40 Weekly

$4 Daily

$20 Weekly

$2 Daily

$10 Weekly

$2 Daily

$10 Weekly

Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Aquarium Crib Soother, attaches to crib, Lovely classical music, fish move, bubbles rise *not recommened for Pack-N-Play

Crib Mobile, many styles, patterns in inventory, attach to crib, *not recommened for Pack-N-Play

Nighttime, Sleeper & Playtime seat all in one, rocks with gentle push, Breathable mesh sides, use from birth until child is able to pull up or sit unassisted Weight Limit : 25 lbs

Sleeptime & Playtime all in one, see your baby clearly with traveller's full mesh sides, creat a gentle cocooned affect for peaceful sleeping, slightly raised off ground when sleeping, creat the perfect playpen for playtime, *simple assembly required

Fisher Price Newborn Rock N Play Sleeper 

Crib Mobile 

Crib Soother 

$1 Daily

$5 Weekly

Water -Resistant sheet saver, 27" x 14 " , Protect baby sheets from adorable mishaps , or use them as change or cradle pad, too

Sheet Saver 

$1 Daily

$5 Weekly

1 Fitted Sheet included with Full Crib Rental upon request, $1 per day for each additional Fitted Sheet (we have many different patterns in our inventory)

New Crib Mattress for Residental Only Orders , *You keep the mattress

Mattress included, 1 fitted sheet included upon request, easy to maneuver from room to room open or folded, standard or breathable bumpers available upon request, One position posture board for added safety, *no assembly required 

Crib/Small Blanket 

Renting a Crib and Other Baby Sleep Options
Option #1 - Pack-N-Plays:
Not recommend for sleeping at night, especially not for a week-long vacation. Babies generally don't sleep as well or deeply in htem as they do in a more spacious crib with a firmer surface.
Option #2 - Rent a Full-Size Crib:
Renting a full-size, JPMA-certified crib is the best option in most circumstances.  The only downside is that if you are staying in a very small space, it takes up more room than a  Pack-N-Play.  But, your baby will feel like the king that he is sleeping with the same amount of space that he usually has, and on a mattress as thick as he is used to.
Option #3 - Use a hotel’s crib or the old crib being stored at your parents’ house:
Most hotels don't offer full-size cribs, most are smaller portable cribs or metal cribs.  So, if you decide to use a hotel’s crib, ask the hotel about the size of the crib, whether the crib meets the latest federal safety standards, and how they clean and sanitize the cribs.  It’s probably a good idea to bring your own crib sheets, too.  As far as the crib at your parents’ house, if it was purchased prior to June 28, 2011 (which is when all cribs sold in the United States needed to meet new the new federal crib safety requirements), it is probably not as safe as it needs to be.

Sleeping Options

Rent a crib that is JPMA certified, thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, and comfortable. So your baby will sleep well during your visit to Las Vegas wether your staying in a Hotel or staying with the Grandparents. We also rent Pack ‘N Plays, bed rails, and cots, ensuring that we’ll have exactly what you need for your child. Please view our Crib and Pack ‘N Play inventory to determine which sleep option is best for your baby.


$1 Daily

$5 Weekly

$43 per Matress

$10 Daily

$50 Weekly

Crib/Small Blanket, 30" X 40" Soft Blanket  (we have many different patterns in our inventory)

Crib Fitted Sheet 

New Crib Mattress (residential only)

Full Size Crib (residential) 

$10 Daily

$50 Weekly

FOR DELIVERY TO HOTEL BELL DESKS ONLY, Includes mattress, 1 fitted sheet included upon request, bumper available upon request, easy to maneuver from room to room, *no assembly required 

Full Size Crib (commercial)



$4 Daily

$20 Weekly

$2 Daily

$10 Weekly

Adds security to toddlers sleeping in beds, fits any size mattress, panel measures 42" x 20" ​

$6 Daily

$30 Weekly

Great for Playtime or Sleeptime, Playard is for use by children less than 35" tall and unable to climb out, up to 30 pounds, 1 fitted Sheet included​


phil&teds Traveller Cot 

$12 Daily

$60 Weekly

This glider rocker chair has soft, durable upholstery, and glides smoothly so you can rock your baby to sleep, prefect for nursing mothers

$1 Daily

$5 Weekly

standard or breathable bumpers  for full size cribs

Portable bed measures 48" long x 26" wide, It's ideal to use with children ages 2 - 5 years old, weigh up to 75 pounds, less than 52" tall *sheets don’t fit recommended to use toddler sleeping bag


Bed Rail 


Toddler Cot 

Business hOurs:

Mon - sat 9am -6Pm

Standard Delivery/Pickup Hours:

Mon-Sun 8am-7pm

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Rocker Glider and Ottoman 

Crib Bumpers

Bassinet for use with infants under 3months, up to 15lbs 

Changing table is for babies up to 15lbs 

Lights Sounds Featuring music, flashing lights to sooth baby​

(1st Additional option included,

$1 per day each additional item)